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4 DIY Furnace Repair Tips To Try Before Calling In the Pros
By admin on October 12, 2018 /

As the cold weather arrives, homeowners start to call us because of a problem with their furnace.  If your furnace is malfunctioning and you’re not sure where the problem lies, try these four troubleshooting tips before calling us for heating repair.

1) Make sure your thermostat is set to “HEAT” – There are a lot of things to keep in mind when seasons change, so it’s understandable that you could of forgotten to switch your thermostat over to “HEAT”. Double check to make sure yours is set correctly.

2) Check your furnace switch – Your furnace switch looks like a normal light switch and should be in the Up, or On, position. Once On, your furnace should turn on in a few minutes.

3) Change your furnace filter – Dirty filters are one of the most common reasons for inefficient furnace performance. Be sure you’re changing your filter every one to three months for optimal performance.

4) Check the circuit breaker – Go to your home’s circuit breaker panel and find the breaker that controls your furnace. Determine if it is in the middle position or the Off position. If it is, cycle the breaker to Off and reset it to the On position.

If you tried these four troubleshooting tips and have had no success, click here to schedule an appointment. Most heating system repairs can be fixed during your initial appointment!