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Dealing with furnace issues is never a glamour, but the experience, service and personal care I received from AAA HVAC is unparalleled and I would be remiss if I did not share my experience from this stellar team.

It was about 10 PM on a cold winter evening and I noticed the thermostat was reading 64 degrees when it was set for 72. I had heard the furnace kick on a few times, but no heat was coming out and the pilot light would ignite. I’m a tenant, not a landlord, so I didn’t know who to contact after hours since our management company was closed but thankfully the AAA HVAC sticker was on the furnace unit so I called them in the hopes this could get resolved and I didn’t have to sleep in a sleeping bag that night. They took my information and then said someone would contact me shortly to see if they could help troubleshoot. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later I received a text from Alex (who actually had changed out our HVAC the previous summer and remembered what a wonderful disposition and attitude he had), who remembered the work they had done on my unit and also knew that the system was very new. He coached me through a variety of steps for about an hour–very patient all the way–and after taking the cover off of the front of the unit and resetting the switch, the furnace kicked on and all seemed to be going well.

The next day at the same time, I noticed the same thing happened. I tried to troubleshoot walking through all the steps Alex and I had done over text the previous night (circuit breaker, gas shut-off, resetting the switch, etc.), but nothing seemed to work. We turned on the fireplace that night to keep the house warm, and then Alex came over first thing in the morning to replace out the pilot lights in the furnace and also the thermostat (just to rule out if that was faulty) and stayed and tested everything, and all was well.

That evening though, the pilot light didn’t kick back on and realized that it’s nothing with the unit, but with the gas line. The next day he came out and fixed any possible variable that might affect the furnace from working and I’m happy to say that two weeks later the house is warm and cozy and the only text I’ve had to send Alex is a “thumbs up, thanks for the great job.”

While he was out on one of his visits I did ask him to look at the hot water heater, and we realized that it was almost 20-years old and was contributing to some of the issues I was having with the shower. Alex took a diagnostic of the situation and was happy to spend the extra time walking me few some suggestions to improve the pressure of the shower, but he did recommend to the management company that the hot water heater be replaced sooner and later due to the installation date and significant corrosion on the pipes. And then low and behold, I’m now enjoying hot water for more than five minutes and someone else can take a shower after me with hot water too.

Then after the service was complete he checked in to make sure everything was working fine and to see if there were any issues. Really top notch service from beginning to end.

Mind you, during this entire endeavor, Alex never appeared frustrated by the situation and was committed to figuring out the solution regardless of the number of texts, calls and visits to my house. During this entire process Alex has been available and responsive to my every text 24/7, which to me is unheard of in the contracting services business, and that really shows the dedication and commitment Alex has for customer service and what he instills in his team. They also leave the place immaculate (you’d never know boots had trekked through the house), and they even brought in packages that were delivered outside my door.

Like I said, it’s always at the worst time that something goes out (10 PM and no heat on a winter’s evening is no cup-of-tea), but if you’re going to have someone in your corner, you know you can count on Alex and his team at AAA HVAC and that gives me comfort–at any hour of the day.

You can be sure that when I’m a homeowner again, it will be Alex and his team on my speed dial for any HVAC issues. Seriously…if I could give six stars I would, but I’ll settle for five.

– Rebecca S. Mar. 9, 2017

AAA HVAC installed a new furnace and air conditioner for us when our old one developed a crack in the heat exchanger. Alex and Sean were friendly and professional through the process of choosing a new furnace, and after six weeks I can confirm that the one they recommended is a good fit for our home. The installation itself was smooth, and when a minor problem arose afterward it was promptly solved to our complete satisfaction. Highly recommended.

– Laura T. Mar. 9, 2017

We’re very happy with our furnace, humidifier, and the installation. Alex and Sean answered a lot of questions ahead of time, and once we were ready to go they scheduled a prompt installation and inspection. Everything happened professionally and on time. The new system is a much better (smaller) size and keeps the temperature more consistent.

– Charles T. Mar. 9, 2017

Alex and his team installed for us a new HVAC system. Alex was very good about answering out questions. His team worked in a timely manner and cleaned after themselves. We were very happy with their service.

– Alina G. Mar. 9, 2017

Thermostat replacement. Bought the thermostat from Amazon and their service as well. Technician who came out did the work quickly, explained everything to me, and also reassured me that my current a/c problems weren’t due to my system, but just the extreme heat of the summer. — Aka saved me time and money on unnecessary evaluations of my cooling system. Very pleasant experience, will definitely call them in the future!

– Jyoti J. Mar. 9, 2017

Love this company. They did a great job explaining the options, functionality, costs, etc. for my AC and furnace. Very professional. Sent multiple guys to install so it was quick. It’s been a few months and the heat has been working great.

– Jennifer T. Mar. 9, 2017

I bought a Living Social coupon from AAA HVAC Services for a service appointment on our rental property’s 16-year-old HVAC that I’m preparing to list for sale. The technician kept me posted about his arrival time; was on time; was courteous and friendly; and extremely knowledgable about HVAC systems. He could have up-charged me for a pound of freon, but he was an honest person, and I very much appreciate that. I will look for another Living Social coupon from them and have them out to service our HVAC. Highly recommend!

– Jean A. Mar. 9, 2017

Absolutely fantastic company, especially when you have an emergency like I did. My AC stopped pushing cool air and with the recent heat wave, it could not keep up with the rising temperatures. Indoors it reach nearly 90 degrees. After dozens of phones calls with who my landlord has a contract with, ARS, as well as about a dozen local businesses to no avail. I finally was able to talk to a human at AAA HVAC Services. Not only were they able to send someone, but on a Sunday during probably the hottest day of the summer so far with so many having their own cooling problems. Alexander Alkhujah is the technician who serviced my HVAC. He was incredibly helpful and was able to identify the problem almost immediately. And he didn’t just replace the part and then leave, he followed up with further diagnostics to make sure nothing else was wrong. He recommended that freon gas be added as it was low, but since their gas is on the expensive side and ARS was finally sending a technician the next day, he stated I was ok until they arrived. And since anything they do is included in the deductible, he wound up saving me over $150 as well. Safe to say I’ll be asking my landlord to drop ARS and to do business with these folks in the future.

– Dustin W. Mar. 9, 2017

Excellent service! Very knowledgeable technicians! Tammy at the office is always helpful with setting up appointments and communicating with the office. Highly recommend the entire team!

– Sheri Styles Mar. 9, 2017

Turned my AC unit on this spring and it didn’t come on. 2 hours later Luke a tech with AAA HVAC arrived and diagnosed the compressor was doa. So being that my unit was now well past its life, I was able to get them to install a new AC unit same day and they put in a new carrier infinity system. Pricing wise, it was better then expected. With the install team and overall process, I was very pleased with them and I would recommend them.

– Mark B. Mar. 9, 2017